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Be a Town Organizer
Do you live in or near one of the many small towns of the 14 counties of SD6? Help get Vivian to visit your town. Politicians have spent too many years neglecting rural America. We need to repair that damage. This is about more than one campaign. People do not bother to write their elected officials because they don't believe that those representatives will listen. Constituents need to see their representatives, they need to know that Vivian will sit down and have coffee with them and listen to their needs. Town Organizers make this happen. 

Town Organizers recommend places for Meet and Greets, make announcements on town events calendars, and promote the events on their own social media. It's a small job that takes a few hours but makes a huge difference. If you have a few hours to make a big difference, please Email 

Host a Meet & Greet
These types of gatherings can take place in someone's home or at a business. It can be a private event for you and your friends to have serious conversations with the candidate, or they can be more casual drop-in events open to the masses. The point is for constituents to be able to make an informed choice in November because they have met and talked to the candidate. 
Spread the Word
One of the biggest things each of you can do to help get Vivian to Denver is to Spread the word. When you get the Newsletter, forward it to friends. When you see a post on Social Media from the Vote Vivian Campaign, share it on your own feed. If we have an event near you, come out and bring friends. Energy is contagious and we need you to spread it. 
Donate Supplies
You can purchase needed items from our Amazon Wish List. Since this is a political campaign, I must report all donations, so please do not give anonymously. Also, even though pride month is over, we still have a couple more Pride Festivals so keep the Pride Swag coming. Any left over Pride Swag will be donated to local LGBT groups. 
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